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Building on 30 Years of Manufacturing Experience

Maplewood Custom Bedding Company provides product design and manufacturing services for the health care industry, hospitality and commercial transit industries, public & private institutions, private-label contractors and interior designers.

We had always done a substantial public and private institutional business, but through the 90’s and 00’s, we began to concentrate on the commercial business market.  We will manufacture 1-1000 units to your specifications at a price that fits your budget.

A Helpful Solution For Incontinence   •   EZ-Wash Vinyl & Nylon Covers   •   In-home, Assisted Living & Institutional Use

Coil Spring Mattress

Our Two-sided DuraCare Innerspring Mattress high-resilient polyurethane foam and premium grade felt pad are intertufted to eliminate component shifting and increase unit life. Choice of vinyl or nylon cover for easy maintenance and long-term care.  >>

High Density Foam Core Mattress

Our DuraCare High-Density Foam Core Mattress provides optimal pressure redistribution. Optional side rails help the patient transfer in and out of bed minimizing risk of falling. Vinyl covers are antibacterial, anti-static, acid-resistant,
and fluid-proof. Nylon covers are 2-way stretch, fluid-proof, and vapor permeable - the low moisture transmission rate (MVT) will keep the patient cool and dry. 

Multi Zoned Foam Mattress

Our DuraCare Multi-Ply Pressure Zoned Mattress has a top layer of die-cut high- density polyurethane foam in head and foot area, and high-resilient polyurethane foam in the torso area. Choice of vinyl
or nylon cover for easy maintenance
and long-term care.

Serving Middle America Since 1985  •  Quality Components & Craftsmanship  •  Fed. Reg. 16 CFR Part 1633 Compliant

High-Grade Solid Core & Multi-Layered Foam Products

Advanced production capabilities allow custom cut and fabricated products to your exact specification.  Production methods are the most efficient systems in the industry.

Polyester Polyurethane  •  Polyethylene/Ethafoam  •  Crosslink Polyethylene  •  Polyurethane Polystyrene Polyether  •  Extruded Polystyrene  •  Anti-Static Foams  •  Molded Foams  •  EVA


MMT TM (Medical Mattress Ticking) features bacterial resistance, fluid repellency, static resistance, stain resistance, tear resistance, flame retardancy and high strength, yet MMTTM is soft and smooth for optimum patient comfort. Available in vinyl laminated polyester, nylon laminated polyester, a variety of colors, and weights.

These fluid-proof mattress fabrics incorporate the traditional anti-microbial, FR and strength properties of standard institutional ticking, along with the fire blocking properties of Milliken's Paladin FR barricade fabric.

Vinyl Cover (11 oz.) Fireblock Composite Reinforced Vinyl Ticking

Anti-Bacterial • Anti-Static • Acid-Resistant • Fluid-Proof • Stain & Tear Resistant 

Product Properties

Test Method Results



9 x 9 500 D Polyester

 Weight 5041 11 oz./yd2 ą 1
 Adhesion 5970 (warp x fill) 14 x 14 lbs./2 in. ą 2
 Tensile Strength 5100 (warp x fill) 120 x 120 lbs./in. ą 10
 Tear Strength 5134 (warp x fill) 60 x 40 lbs. ą 10
 Flame Resistance 5903 .

 After Flame

(seconds) 0 x 0

 Char Length

(inches) 2 x 2
 NFPA 701 . pass
 MVSS 302  . pass
 California Fire Marshall . pass

Nylon Cover (8 oz.) Fireblock Composite Reinforced Nylon Ticking

Non-Allergenic • Anti-Static • Stain & Tear Resistant • Fluid-Proof • Self-Deodorizing

Product Properties

Test Method


 Fabric .

Polyester Knit



8 oz. psy

 Embossing .

Fine Satin



20 lbs./2 inch

 Tear Strength

5134 (warp x fill)

10 x 10

 Tensile Strength

5100 (warp x fill)

100 x 65

 Flame Resistant (vertical)



 After Flame


2 x 2

 Char Length


4 x 4

 Water Vapor Transmission

ASTM E-96-94/BW

37.9 g/mē/24 hrs.

A Locally Owned & Operated Business Since 1985

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