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Two-Sided Innerspring Mattress

Soft Semi-firm Firm Ex-firm

Handcrafted Just For You!

Queen-size Mattress: $599.00

Queen-size Mattress Set: $749.00


Quality Components

All Standard & Custom Sizes


Two-Sided Innerspring Mattress

Soft Semi-firm


Queen-size Mattress: $499.00

Queen-size Mattress Set: $649.00

In Stock

Quality Components

All Standard Sizes


Two-Sided Innerspring Mattress

Semi-firm Firm


Queen-size Mattress: $329.00

Queen-size Mattress Set: $479.00

In Stock

Quality Components

All Standard Sizes


Dunlop Latex Mattress

Soft    Semi-firm    Firm

Queen-size Mattress: $1899.00

Queen-size Mattress Set: $2049.00

100% All Natural Dunlop Latex

Hypoallergenic, naturally
resistant to dust mites,
mold and mildew

In Stock

Quilted or Smooth Mattress Cover

10" Pure Dunlop Latex

Standard & Custom Sizes

Dunlop Latex Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattress

Soft Semi-firm Firm

Quilted or Smooth Mattress Cover

Queen-size Mattress: $829.00

Queen-size Mattress Set: $979.00

Standard & Custom Sizes

In Stock

Visco Memory Foam Mattresses

World #1 Selling
Adjustable Bed


by Leggett & Platt

S-Cape, Prodigy,
and Adjusta-Magic
Latex Memory Foam

Innerspring Foam Core

Adjustable Bed Frames:
Twin XL, Full XL, Queen,
King: 2-Twin XL units

In Stock

Leggett & Platt Adjustable Beds

Mattress sold separately. Lowest prices in town GUARANTEED!

Recreational and Commercial Vehicle Replacement Mattresses

You Demand a comfortable mattress at home. Don't accept anything less when you're away from home.

Custom Shapes, Sizes, and Comfort

Buy direct and save on odd-size mattresses designed to feel like home!

Quilted, Plush & Smooth-top Covers    Vinyl & Nylon Covers    Custom & Removable Covers

Two-Sided Innerspring Mattresses

All Natural Latex Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattresses

High-Density Foam

Replacement Mattresses

Two-Sided Innerspring Mattress

Healthcare Model DC901

In-home Care & Hospital Use

EZ-Wash Vinyl Mattress

Twin-size Mattress: $229.00
Twin-size Mattress Set: $329.00

Conforms to Industry Standards

In Stock

Foam Core Mattress Optional

A Helpful Solution For Incontinence

Standard & Custom Sizes


Cushion Replacement

Custom Cut Cushions

Cushions start inexpensive, up
to long lasting foams and latex

Mid and high-grade conventional foams, memory foam, and latex

Cushion Replacement
Bed Frames

Leggett & Platt heavy-duty steel bed frames and rail systems, low profile and flotation frames, and miscellaneous hardware.

Bed Frames

Roll-A-Ways, Trundle Beds & More

Leggett & Platt is the leading supplier worldwide to the bedding industry.


Building on 28 Years of Excellence in Design & Manufacturing

Mattresses Wholesale provides product design and manufacturing services to public and private institutions, hospitality and commercial transit industries, private-label contractors and interior designers.

We had always done a substantial public and private institutional business, but through the 90s and 00s, we began to concentrate on the commercial business market.  We will manufacture 1-1000 units to your specifications at a price that fits your budget.  < link >

Quality Components, Craftsmanship and Customer Service

Our customers' satisfaction is our number one priority. Your loyalty to us is priceless and we are grateful
for the opportunity to serve you.  We appreciate all your feedback.  Here are a few of the comments recently received from organizations, and commercial and retail customers: < link >

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